Welcome to Tour East Points

To show our appreciation for our travel agent partners’ business to Tour East Holidays, we invite you to participate in the Tour East Points Rewards program.  Tour East Points offer a quick and easy way to earn rewards that YOU choose how to spend.

Enrollment is FREE and easy. So sign up today!

Program Eligibility

Any travel agent working for an agency that has an active online account with Tour East Holidays is eligible to register for the Tour East Points reward program. In order to accumulate points, you must first register. Go to to enroll and start accumulating your reward points!

Redeem Your Points - How do you want to reward yourself?
Redeem your Tour East Points for:
Retail gift cards
Travel certificates


Receive special Reward points on members-only specials.
Receive bonus Reward Points for special promotions.
All Reward Points from eligible transactions will be placed in your account automatically.
Your personal online account accessible to you in your secure e-Wallet. Check your balance, redeem and view your transaction history whenever and wherever you like.